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Organizational Fitness
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Organizational Fitness Resources provides support through various resources
to organizations and individuals through consulting, training and coaching. Often
starting with assessments, our approach is to help you identify and focus on
what is really important.

What changes are needed to improve organizational and individual performance?

What does your organization need to get it into shape?

What areas do you or others in your organization need support and development

Communication, leadership, change management, and team or individual
development are just some of the areas we can support and provide resources
to help you achieve what is important.
What's important?
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Organizational Fitness Resources
Organizational Consulting, Training, Developmental Coaching
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How fit is your organization?  

Here are some of the ways we define a fit or in shape organization?

      Trust versus mis or low trust
      Ability to adapt to change versus status quo or resistance
      High quality versus low quality
      Clear and direct communication versus gossip and withholding
      Teamwork versus self protection and self promotion
      Continuous learning versus "we tried that once before"
      Customer loyalty
      Dynamic strategic planning and implementation
      Abundant individual and collective creativity